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Bruce Willis is probably going to keep making action movies because you know what they say about old habits


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Mille, the Norwegian Forest Cat | Jane Bjerkli

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What do you get when you put Marina and the Diamonds on repeat?

Froot Loops.

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countbryceula wondered,
I just want to say that when I read "Coraline," I was a little girl who was afraid of everything. Not only did that book satisfy my strange need to read things that scared me, but it taught me to be brave. In a society in which girls are socialized to be scared and to be passive, this lesson of bravery was especially important for my nine-year-old self. So thank you for creating a young precocious female protagonist who was brave, even when she found herself living in a very, very scary world.


… which is really all I ever wanted that book to do.

I’m glad it helped.

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The Roost

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Let’s give Emma Stone a warm willkommen to Broadway. The 25-year-old actress will make her Broadway debut — finally — in just under a month, stepping into the silky stockings of club singer Sally Bowles in the hit Broadway revival of Cabaret. Stone replaces Michelle Williams, who departs on Nov. 9, and will take over from Nov. 11 through Feb. 1, 2015. (x)

Can I go back to New York?

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hot damn - emma stone is a flawless human being - she could kill with that look -