Can’t stop listening to “Holocene” by Bon Iver. It is too great. Send help.

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don't send help - this song is perf - play this at my funeral - and my wedding - and all my life events - I could see for miles - bon iver -




Adventure Time demonstrates a clearer understanding of morality than 98% of the world’s adult population

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"Legends say The Traveler sacrificed itself to save us. The mysterious sphere still hangs where it made its last stand, low above the Earth, keeping silent watch."

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A sentence I never thought I would read

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that tree looks so happy that it is receiving a hug from this child


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Mark and Andrew on the set of Sherlock looking incredibly dapper (click for HQ)

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he is wearing sherlock's coat - I wonder if this is a story thing - or he's just wearing it on the set for funsies -

noautomobilesgo wondered,
Hey Danny! You mentioned you were a web dev/graphic designer and got into the industry that way. I'm in my last year of College right now for the same thing as well as video production and also want to attempt that! I'd love to get into the production/graphic design part of the games industry, how should I go about it? I know networking and getting a good portfolio together is probably one of the best things I can do first.


Yup, you nailed it. Make cool shit and make sure people see the cool shit you make. The only other thing I could say is target a handful of specific places and/or move where the jobs are. And make sure you’re working. If you can’t break in straight away, just make sure you’re not at home applying for jobs. Show passion and work ethic. It’s a tired saying but it’s true - it easier to find a job when you have a job.

EDIT: Oh and good luck!

Thanks for the advice Danny!

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The first fleshed out post in who knows how long…..! 

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I have this project coming up soon in one of my classes where I have to do some branding for a band and they wanted us to pick a local band so we could talk to them about it. On an off chance I shot a tweet over to Kidstreet as they are really cool and local-ish.

They have replied saying they are releasing new material soon and are interested. This is the coolest thing.

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Bob and the deli guy.

#i had to make this just so i could watch it whenever i wanted #i just fucking love that it’s not played off like the usual gay panic joke #this rly exemplifies the humor of the show for me and why I love it so much #it’s akward and weird but never EVER mean #the important misunderstanding in this situation isn’t Bob’s sexuality; it’s the reason why he keeps buying turkeys #like he’s def more concerned that this deli guy thinks he’s not a real cook than he is about being hit on

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